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  • We are More Than Just A Dispatch Service.

    Your competitive edge.

    Business Solution Center is an extension of your company, providing all-in-one customer support and comprehensive call center services.

    Inbound Call Center


    We are your inbound Call Center. Whether you need us to handle calls on a 24/7 basis or supplement your team when they are overloaded, we will never miss your incoming call.


    While we are a Call Center, we don’t sound like a “Call Center”. We sound like you. We can address customer concerns on your behalf with thoughtful responses to every conceivable type of issue in the passenger transportation industry. Whether it is a request for rates, a new order or a complaint about a driver, we handle calls the same way you would.

    Data Entry Services

    Need help with data management? We offer cost-effective data entry solutions. Whether you are seeking to acquire data such as email addresses, phone numbers or other marketing data.


    We have the resources to provide it. If you collect business cards at a trade show and need to get the data into a spreadsheet format, we can handle the for you. We aren’t just another answering service. We are a highly specialized, technology-rich company that will boost your level of performance by handling routine data entry functions at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire someone in-house.


    Hotel Reservation & Dispatch Service

    Never miss an incoming call or opportunity again! Our reservations and dispatch team will provide a prompt answer of your incoming calls.



    Whether you want us to answer them.

    On the first ring or answer on the third ring to assist you live dispatchers, we will receive the call and dispatch the request immediately according to your standard protocols. We are an extension of your staff.

  • Inbound Call Center services in Europe and USA.

    Business Solution Center was created and designed to provide professional reservations and live dispatch services for taxi, limousine, and other passenger transportation providers. Incoming calls are professionally answered with your business name within three rings or less. Increase revenue and retain your customers by providing having your calls answered by customer service agents that understand the importance of every incoming call your business receives. Never miss an opportunity to book a ride by outsourcing your calls to Business Solution Center.




    Our experienced team of dispatchers can provide affordable dispatching services for 1-car operators or 50-car operators. Let us improve and maximize your fleet usage through our skilled logistics planning.


    Every incoming call is treated with professional care. Your customers are treated like they are VIP customers. Confirmations, trip receipts, and other paperwork are handled immediately. Customer care is the same whether it’s daytime or nighttime as your customers expect the same prompt service regardless of the time of day.

    Your Partner to Success


    Business Solution Center can help you grow your business. Let us take care of handling your
    inbound calls while you work on landing more clients and developing your business.
    Your phone will be answered in the same professional manner 24/7. You can have
    peace of mind knowing that you have a professional Call Center at a fraction of the cost of $0.75 per call answering.

  • High performance. Delivered.

    Business Solution Center



    Every incoming call is an opportunity to earn money. We promise to answer your phone as soon as it rings and deliver fast, efficient service for your customers. Time is money and we understand that.



    Our call center is technology-based and utilizes the latest, most secure technology to protect your company data as well as your customer’s personal data. All data is kept private and confidential and stored with encrypted technology protected by layers of security walls.



    With nearly two decades of experience, we are experts in call center management. We are the trusted partner of Cab & Transport, Hotels and Food delivery companies.We are the best choice for outsourcing your inbound calls.



    Our global reach and technology enable us to provide service in virtually any country. We answer the phone in the correct language of your country. No matter where in the world you conduct business, we are ready to serve.



    First impressions are lasting impressions. We take training seriously to make sure that your phone is answered exactly the way you would expect. We are dedicated to delivering high-level service to callers placing reservations for taxis, limousines and bus companies. Customer care is top priority and well-trained agents ensure your customers will be well taken care of.



    Passenger transportation is a 24/7 industry. We’ve got your phones covered at any time. We are here on weekends and holidays. No one likes being put off and with Business Solution Center handling your calls, no one will ever be delayed in conducting business with your company, including you.

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